Friday, November 27, 2009

A Mutiny

How was everybody's Thanksgiving? Mine was good. I spent the day with my "adopted sister," Heather, and my cousin, Molly. Then today we visited the local thrift store.
As we drifted from isle to isle I grabbed this and that different things to try on, while Molly took few things and Heather none.
By the time we had made our way through the skirts, shoes, purses, and dresses I had a cart full of things to try on. Being Black Friday the store was more crowded than usual, and all three dressing rooms were occupied, so I decided to try some of the shirts on over my tee-shirt.
The first shirt was declared a success, as was the second and third. At the fourth there was a mutiny. Molly and Heather - along my my little sister and Molly's - declared that it was not fair that I found all the good things.
"Even things that don't look good on the hanger - she just puts a belt with it or something and it's cute!" as Molly put it.
They then all argued that I needed to help them, that they all needed an outfit before we left - it could be their Christmas present, one of them argued. And while that didn't come to pass, Heather still got a coat that she likes very much (it looks like Sherlock Holms'); and Molly got a couple skirts and a nice long gray coat.
I got several tops, and a couple dresses, along with a purse and Molly gave me her old coat. I'll try to post some pictures later.
This whole thing rather amused me. I'm glad to see that they all like my sense of style. I just had to share it.

In other news, I wrote over 1,000 words this evening thanks to Heather, who threatened me to make me write. I'm very grateful to her - even though my MC has now revolted. Characters are usually more interesting after thy revolt than before.

~ Katherine Anne

Friday, November 20, 2009

What's Happened to the Old Style of Books?

Well, unfortunately I wasn't able to get any photographs of my outfit yesterday and the camera is still not working. Rats.

The good news is that I got around to the bookstore yesterday, and spent a blissful time browsing some the YA section before heading off to look at the guides to publishing - my two favorite sections of the book store.

I did leave with a few questions, though. Why are dark, mysterious books like Twilight, Harry Potter, Eragon so popular? I know that everyone has different tastes, but I can't help wondering what happened to the lighthearted books of times past; the kinds that focused on the characters struggles with sin, as opposed to the characters struggles against outside forces - books like Pride and Prejudice, Little Women, and Anne of Green Gables. Though I do enjoy adventure books sometimes, I've always loved books like the ones I mentioned above, and I can't help hoping that they'll be the trend before long - especially because that'll help my book, Audra. :D

So I'd love to hear other peoples ideas on this subject - if I have any readers, that is. :)

~ Katherine Anne

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

My friend and I must be sick...

How else could one explain the wondrous things that have happened today?

Well, from the title of my blog I think it's safe it assume that you guys have already figured out that I love tea. I do, it's very good for waking one up in the morning, calming one down, and is all in all just a great drink. Maybe it's the English blood in me that makes me think so, but for what ever reason, I do.

So why is it that I found myself pouring myself a mug of coffee today, when I usually can't stand the stuff? What's even more odd is that I liked it. Granted I totally loaded it down with sugar and creamer, but still - it's a miracle.

The second miracle is the fact that my friend, Heather, has finally realized the need to trim down her 150,000 word YA novel. Thank goodness! I was loosing hope of ever convincing her of that!

I was hoping to post some pictures of my fashion experiment today, but as the camera is not working, it shall have to wait till tomorrow. I'll post it along with the pics I'll take tomorrow - and there will be pictures of my outfit tomorrow, because I have finally gotten around to getting some knee-high-socks and tights. I have a nice outfit planned for tomorrow which will look lovely with my hat from Caledonia, MO.

Speaking of fashion, I may begin a series of short stories about fashion for teen girls. I love a lot of the fashion coming into style now, but a lot of it is a little too tight/short/low necked for my liking, and I thought that this may be a good way to show teen girls (and ladies) some of the tricks I have found for getting the latest styles while keeping one's convictions of modesty. Perhaps I'll write a draft of the first one tomorrow - we'll see!

~ Katherine Anne